The winter months are dark, making us stay indoors to seek warmth at home. However, especially on these colder days, it’s lovely to go to the Dutch coast for inner peace and to be closer to nature. Feeling the prickly wind on your face and tasting the salt on your lips, then go back inside to relax and warm up again. We translated this feeling you get when strolling along the sea – the freshness, the cleanliness and the calm – in our newest scent, Voyage Vétiver. It takes you on a journey along the sea with tones of vetiver, sage and sea salt. To fully experience this at home and have this feeling last, we share our 7 tips for a clean house and a clean mind.

Our 7 tips for a clean home and a clean mind

1. Everything in its place, a place for everything

A well-known saying is that a clean home is a clean mind. Is clearing up not the issue for you, but keeping things clean is? Then make sure you have a dedicated spot for your items: keep your newspaper on the same shelf and throw it away after finishing it; when you come home, always place your keys in the same drawer and take your shoes off in the hall by the front door. As soon as you have fixed spots for your things, clearing up is easy-peasy, your home stays neater, and stuff doesn’t get lost that easily.

2. Take time for yourself

Your home is clean and tidy, but you still have a restless body and mind? Take some time for yourself. Accept that it make take a while to feel at ease. Sit down, close your eyes, and try visualising what you need. Put your phone on flight mode, and grab a book or your yoga mat for some meditation. Don’t watch the clock, but take all the time you need to go against that inner unrest. It’s totally fine to learn to accept that you may – or rather – need to take for yourself.

3. Use the senses

We mentioned meditation before, the way to balance your senses. We are often so busy seeing, hearing and tasting that we must remember to feel and smell. When you meditate regularly, you open yourself up to the power of all your senses. More significantly, the sense of smell substantially influences your wellbeing; it can help you drift into a certain mood. Maintain inner peace after meditation by using a scent that amplifies this feeling, with fragrance sticks that spread a lush aroma [link webshop] or walk through the room with a calming room spray. Wash your hands and feel how the scent on your skin stimulates wellbeing.

4. Hej, here’s Hygge

In Scandinavian countries, it’s common to make the home cosy when it’s dark, gloomy and cold outside. The Danish term hygge means the warm cosiness in the house that is all about comfy cocooning with loved ones. Undisturbed time with each other without distractions from phones, social media or television. Old-fashioned cosiness with undivided attention and an emphasis on a warm gathering at home. Embrace this feeling by getting lovely candles, soft mood lighting, yummy bites, good conversation or a fun board game – it’s all about relaxation and the feeling that anything goes.

5. Embrace softness

Relaxation is also associated with a certain softness. We already mentioned dimmed lights and candles. Relaxing music or no music at all can have a calming effect too. To get in a relaxed mood, it’s good to stimulate the senses differently. To encourage the sense of touch, take a warm bath or a shower and use a delightful, relaxing scent [link webshop]. Surround yourself with soft, fluffy materials, like warm, thick blankets and sheepskins on your sofa, and wear woolly jumpers and your hyggebukser. Your what? In Denmark, they’ve given a name to those uber-comfy, slouchy pairs of pants you only wear at home

6. Find a new hobby

Relaxation is also that feeling that you don’t have to do anything. However, humans are naturally busy. So it is no surprise that you find it challenging to sit quietly at home, have deep conversations and stare into the candlelight together. Also, when you’re alone, a feeling of unrest, boredom or FOMO can overcome you. Prevent this and go analogue with your hands and head. Try some sudokus, find a book on natural wine, organise a tasting at home, or learn how to ferment and make kimchi or kombucha. Try satisfying hobbies that give you pause to get you out of the busy, digital life.

7. Create new rituals

Rituals and routines shape your day, especially during busy periods. Allow yourself the time to integrate these new habits that stimulate your wellbeing into your daily life. These could be yoga, meditation, baking bread, or reading a new book each week. Don’t set any goals for yourself because that creates stress, but allow yourself to embrace these calming rituals. By connecting the patterns to a specific scent, your mind will relax when smelling it. Find a fixed moment for relaxation and hygge – this is how you build up rituals and routines for your wellbeing.

Scent has a strong influence on your state of mind. Our newest scent Voyage Vétiver is a clean scent inspired by the aromatic coast with her salty sea wind and tones of vétiver, sage and sea salt. Together they create an extraordinary experience for total relaxation and wellbeing at home. Voyage Vétiver is available as a home fragrance with a room spray and fragrance sticks and for the skin as hand & body wash.