Marie-Stella-Maris & Project Maji

Marie-Stella-Maris & Project Maji

With every purchase at Marie-Stella-Maris, you contribute directly to sustainable water projects around the world. Through the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation, we collaborate with organizations that realize these water projects. One of these partners is Project Maji: a non-profit organization that provides sustainable, solar-powered water solutions to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Over de invloed van geur met Karima Abdellatif

The Power of Fragrance with Karima Abdellatif

We spoke to fragrance expert Karima Abdellatif about scent: how it is composed, how it can influence your mood, and which scents can create a positive mood. Scent is more than just an everyday experience; it can be a powerful source of emotions and memories.

Meet the Designer: Margriet Kok

Meet the Designer: Margriet Kok

Together with Margriet Kok, we had a conversation about interior design. As an expert, she talked about her work and shared tips that you can easily apply yourself.

Summer Scents at Home

Summer Scents at Home

The power of scent has long been associated with evoking specific moods and can even revive memories. If you've just returned from a vacation, you may not want to let go of that summery feeling just yet. With our sparkling fragrances, you can be transported back to your most beautiful vacation moments!

Refresh & Hydrate

Refresh & Hydrate

During the hot summer days, it's essential to stay well-hydrated. Drinking enough water is a must! However, your skin also deserves extra care after prolonged sun exposure. Do you often experience dry skin? With this hydrating routine, your skin will feel nourished and moisturized again.

Amsterdam Pride

Amsterdam Pride

Amsterdam organiseert een van ’s werelds meest gevierde LGBTQ+ evenementen: Amsterdam Pride. Dit kleurrijke spektakel is een belangrijke vertegenwoordiging van liefde, acceptatie en gelijkheid. Als merk dat zich inzet voor maatschappelijkeverantwoordelijkheid en een positieve impact, staat Marie-Stella-Maris vol trots achter dit historische evenement.

Tips voor het organiseren van de beste Garden Dinner Party

Tips for organizing the best Garden Dinner Party

It's time for al-fresco dining. In this guide, we share tips and ideas to transform your garden or balcony into a cozy setting for an unforgettable summer evening. Keep reading and discover how you can create a charming ambiance for friends and family with just a few simple steps.

Bescherm en verzorg je huid deze zomer in 4 eenvoudige stappen

Protect and care for your skin this summer in 4 easy steps

Discover how to protect and care for your skin this summer with our simple Protect & Glow skincare routine. For radiant skin with a healthy glow all summer long!

Ontdek de Holiday Packing Routine

Discover the Holiday Packing Routine

Get ready for the perfect summer vacation with our Holiday Packing Routine! Whatever your holiday destination may be, these travel essentials are indispensable in every suitcase or travel bag. From delightful body care products in convenient travel sizes and mineral sun protection to luxurious scents for any space. Keep reading and discover your new ultimate packing checklist.

Het belang van navulling

The Importance of Refill

We all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why it's important to think about how our daily habits affect the environment. A smart way to reduce that impact is to refill your products. Read more about how this can have a positive effect on the environment and why you are making a sustainable choice.

Weren, Kleren, Smeren: dé zonbeschermingstips van een dermatoloog

Avoid, Cover, Apply: a dermatologist’s guide to sun protection

How can we ensure optimal protection for our skin against the sun while keeping it easy to maintain? "When it comes to proper sun protection, it's best to start with this simple rule: Avoid, Cover, Apply."

5 tips om je haar extra te verzorgen deze zomer

5 ways to take extra care of your hair this summer

We know that our skin needs more care, hydration, and protection against harmful sun rays in the summer. But what about our hair? UV rays, salty water, and chlorine from the pool often have a negative impact on the health of our hair and scalp. Do you feel like your hair feels dry and lifeless in the summer? Or do you notice changes in your hair colour? Read our tips and discover how you can provide your hair with extra care and protection against external influences.