"A bottle contributes to water projects worldwide"
Mineral water


We offer a range of natural mineral water for the catering industry at home or on the road. Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water is not only a healthy thirst-quencher; you also contribute to clean drinking water projects for others.

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and hygiene. We donate a fixed percentage of our sales for every product you buy to realize sustainable water projects worldwide. Together, we have contributed more than €1,800,000 since 2011. As a result, thousands of people have gained access to clean water. But we are not there yet. We will continue until clean water is accessible to everyone, everywhere.



Our brand is separate from the names of sources where we bottle our mineral water. We find local sources when we want to expand overseas, for example. Our preference is for sources close to our distribution markets to reduce transport distances and environmental impact. For the Western European market, we fill our natural mineral water in Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands. Our mineral water is bottled in: Werretaler in Löhne (PET)St. Nikolaus Quelle in Malborn (glass)Marie-Stella-Maris natural mineral water is available at various hospitality venues and retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. From hotels, restaurants, cafes, and gyms to events. To distribute our mineral water in Belgium, don't hesitate to contact our partner Drinks52.


The balanced composition of the minerals, in both the flat and sparkling varieties, makes our mineral water suitable for any meal or simply as a healthy thirst-quencher in between meals. We offer the following variants:

A cardboard water pack (0.5L) for on the go
Convenient PET bottle (0.5L) on the go
A small glass bottle (0.25L)
A stylish large glass bottle / table water (0.75L).

The PET bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic (rPET). In addition, our PET bottle is 100% recyclable.

Morgan & Mees
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Mr Sammi
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Our mineral water

Small-scale retailers
Our mineral water is available at Marqt, Ekoplaza and online through Crisp.
Local wholesalers
Our local wholesalers are: Beer & Co, Boonekamp, De Klok Dranken, De Kweker, Bidfood, Horecagroothandel Scheerder, Fourcroy, Hanos, Heineken Wholesale, Henk Smit, Hocras, Lekkerland, Melger's Dranken, Moos Drankenhandel, Mulco, Scheerder, Sligro, Udea, Van Leersum, VHC Jongens, Zegro, Scholten Horecagroothandel.


Would you like to know more about our range of natural mineral water and the possibilities for your restaurant? Please contact one of our account managers. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Sales Water – Netherland
Nikki van den Brink

T:+31 (0)6 38 881 993

Water distributie – België

Drinks52 E:info@drinks52.com T:+32 (0)477 933 447