Home Essentials Giftset

No.10 Rock Roses
The Home Essentials Gift set includes scented sticks and a luxury scented candle (with matches). Enriched with fragrance notes of rose, cashmere and leather, this duo creates a floral and seductive scent at home. Once placed, the scented sticks are designed to perfume the interior continuously, ideal for smaller rooms. With the luxurious scented candle you not only enjoy the fragrance but you also create more atmosphere and warmth in your home.

The set includes:
Scented sticks 100 ml
Scented candle 220 gr
Fragrance No.10 Rock Roses
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How to use

Fragrance Sticks:
1. Use a coaster to protect your furniture from the alcohol in the formulation.
2. Carefully open the perfume bottle by unscrewing the black diffusion cap.
3. Remove the white cover and screw the black diffusion cap back onto the bottle.
4. Place the sticks in the bottle.
5. Wash your hands with hand soap afterward.

For optimal enjoyment, please pay attention to the placement of your fragrance sticks; avoid direct sunlight, heat sources, and locations with excessive drafts. Turning the sticks is not necessary but can provide a fragrance boost if desired.
Note: The presence of alcohol in the formulation may cause stains on sensitive surfaces. To prevent this, we recommend using a coaster during refilling or refilling above a sink. Always place the sticks on a coaster and not directly on furniture. Ensure the exterior of the bottle is thoroughly dry.

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