what we stand for

Clean water and hygiene for all

We believe that everyone should have access to clean water. Every life starts with water. That is why we structurally donate a share of our revenue to clean water projects.

We contribute with our range of mineral water, natural body care and luxury home fragrances. How? With every purchase, we donate a fixed percentage to sustainable clean water projects. In addition, we formulate our body care products as clean and natural as possible, to keep your skin and our waters healthy and clean. Read more about the ingredients we use here.

Since our start in 2011, together with all our customers and partners, we have been able to contribute more than 2.1 million euro and provide clean water for more than 100.000 people. And we still have a long way to go...If you want to contribute too, discover all our products here. Or go to our foundation's website and find out what else you can do.

Designed to care

All the products we offer are developed with the greatest care. Our passion for design and attention to detail is reflected in everything we do, from design to fragrance, from ingredient to packaging.

With carefully selected contrasting fragrance tones, we create surprising yet balanced luxury fragrances, each with a unique character. From fresh and sparkling, warm and woody to floral and gourmand. Explore our fragrances here and find your perfect match.

The design of our bottles are clean and classic yet modern, which makes them suitable for a wide range of interior styles. We are committed to developing timeless, high-quality refillable products that are durable in use and can be refilled endlessly. By refilling, we can reduce waste and thus our negative impact on the environment. Read more about our refill range and sustainability efforts here.

Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch social enterprise with a mission. '''Access to clean water and hygiene for everyone worldwide!'' By offering mineral water, body care and luxury home perfumes, we contribute to this mission. The natural body care products are formulated with ingredients of natural origin, the fragrances distinctive and unisex, and all our products are designed with an eye for detail.

To reduce our environmental impact, we focus on developing sustainable refill packaging. Refilling means less packaging material, less waste and less CO2 emissions. So refilling is better for the planet but also better for your wallet.

With your purchase, you contribute. Structurally, part of our sales goes to sustainable water projects. Since our founding in 2011, we have contributed €2,100,000. This has already enabled us to help 100,000+ people gain access to clean water. Join us!