“This team contributes to water projects worldwide.”

Micha Medendorp


Machteld Jansen


Esther Pool-Kamp


Mieke van Engelen

Category Development Director

Sebastiaan van de Burgt

Head of Innovation

Luce Vercherin

Account Manager

Sophie Ipskamp

Account Manager

Fransje Nelissen

Account Manager

Sjoerd Feenstra

Account Manager

Jerry de Bock

Head of Accounting

Peter Smit

Head of Business Control

Joey Schouten

Graphic Designer

Josha Jansen

Impact & Marketing Director

Bernice Bickel

PR & Communicatie Manager

Nury de Boer

Jr.Creative Brand Manager

Eline Kocks

Trade Marketeer

Welmoed Robijn

E-commerce Manager

Viva van Jaarveld

Digital Marketeer

Jesse Meeusen

Graphic Designer

Lianne de Kraker

Creative DTP'er

Bauke Vogelzang

Supply Chain Director

Viviane Peerenboom

Supply Chain Specialist

Mart Dittrich

Supply Chain Coördinator

Kelly Prins

Account Manager

Lotte de Kock-van Leeuwen

Account Manager

Emma van Dijk

Account Manager

Valerie Kloppers

Key Account Manager

Roderick Biezenbos

Senior Account Manager

Odette Verhoef

Account Manager

Kristien Boutsen

Account Manager België

Puck van den Berg

Account Manager

Annette Helder

Sales Coördinator

Janneke van de Lugt

Head of Retail

Marlies van de Rijst

Store Manager Amsterdam

Alexandra Kox

Store Manager Amsterdam

Ellen Smid

Store Manager Utrecht

Lonneke van den Bogaard

Store Manager Den Bosch

Meintje Ophelders

Store Manager Breda

Corneel de Jonge

Store Manager Rotterdam

"€2,100,000+ is donated to clean water projects."



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