Scented Candle REFILL 300 gr

No.14 Courage des Bois
Is your scented candle empty? Easily refill your glass with this refill pack! With fragrance notes of sandalwood, saffron, and oudh, this scented candle refill in No.14 Courage des Bois creates a feeling of warmth and luxury.

- Available in five unique fragrances
- Suitable for the 300 gr scented candle
- Refilling saves waste; better for the wallet and the environment
Fragrance No.14 Courage des Bois

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BALSAMIFERA BARK OIL, EUGENOL, CITRONELLOL, LINALOOL, COUMARIN, 2-(2,2,7,7-Tetramethyltricyclo[,6)]Undec-5 and 4-en-5-yl)propan-1-ol, 2,3-DIHYDRO-2,2,6-TRIMETHYLBENZALDEHYDE.

How to use

Refill your scented candle easily in a few steps:

1. Rinse the inside of the glass with warm water. Disclaimer: the glass is not dishwasher safe.

2. Remove the pit and any candle residue from the glass with a paper towel.

3. Dry the glass thoroughly.

4. Take your Scented Candle Refill from the packaging and remove the paper.

5. Place the wax in the glass. Enjoy your new scented candle!

100% natuurlijke was

The scented candles and refills are produced 100% carbon-neutral in the Netherlands and made from 100% natural wax derived from rapeseed and coconut oil. Not only is this better for the environment, but the natural composition also provides a longer burning time and effective fragrance diffusion.

Because natural wax is naturally softer than paraffin wax, it may occur that the shape changes slightly during transport. However, this does not affect the quality or performance of the candle. When you place and light the candle, the difference in shape will no longer be noticeable, and you can fully enjoy the unique fragrance experience.

Customer Reviews

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Heerlijke geur!

De ‘Courage des boos’ is een heerlijke warme geur die plezierig lang blijft hangen. Ook nadat de kaars uit is.