Scrub Routine

Exfoliating is the ultimate answer for soft, hydrated skin. Discover the benefits of a body scrub, which body scrub suits your skin type, and the ultimate scrub routine for soft, nourished skin.

Discover the power of a body scrub – a deep cleanse that not only removes dead skin calls but also stimulates cell renewal and contributes to skin repair. The gentle, massaging movements stimulate blood circulation and improve the absorption of other care products such as creams and oils.

Which scrub suits me?

Our body scrubs are suitable for all skin types. However, the formulations can help with specific skin requirements.

Our Deep Salt Body Scrub with seasalt, cucled calcite scrub grain and hemp seed oil provides deep cleasing exfoliation, while the hemp seed oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids, nourishes the skin. If you have dry skin, this scrub can help deeply cleanse the skin by thoroughly removing dead skin cells. While the rich oil norishes and restores the skin.

The Body Scrub is enriched with shea butter, sunflower oil and apricot kernelss as scrub granules. These scrub grains are a bit finer, thus gently exfoliating the skin. This makes this scrub suitable for more sensitive skin. At the same time, the shea butter and sunflower oil, natural ingredients rich in vitamins D and E, moisturise the skin.

Exfoliating in three steps

Step 1

First, rinse your skin well with water. Apply the scrub generously.

Step 2

Massage the scrub in circular motions. Then rinse well with water.

Step 3

Finish you routine with our nourishing body lotion, bod cream or dry body oil to moisturise the skin.

Exfoliate up to 1-2 times a week for optimal results.