Protect & Glow

The routine to protect, moisturize and nourish your skin
Discover how you can protect and care for your skin this summer with our simple skincare routine. For a radiant skin with a healthy glow, all summer long!
Step 1


The Sea Salt Body Scrub is perfect for preparing your skin for a beautiful, even complexion before applying your favorite sunscreen.

Our exfoliating scrub is enriched with natural sea salt from Zeeland and upcycled calcite granules, which remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. While gently massaging the scrub, the bright scent of No. 07 Voyage Vétiver will awaken your senses and provide a feeling of relaxation. After rinsing, your skin will feel silky smooth and revitalized!

Step 2


Protect and care for your skin in the best possible way: with sunscreen in SPF 30 and SPF 50! Our formula with a mineral filter of non-nano zinc oxide offers effective and immediate protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, our sunscreen is specially developed to be suitable for both normal and sensitive (children's) skin types, thanks to its 100% vegan formula.

To provide your skin with extra care, our sunscreen is formulated with golden seaweed and sea algae, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. These powerful ingredients work together to combat pigmentation and premature skin aging while improving the hydration of your skin. For carefree sun protection, all summer long!

Step 3


After a day full of sun and activities, there's nothing more refreshing than a shower with an invigorating Body Wash. Choose one in your favorite scent that stimulates your senses and gently cleanses your skin. Our Body Washes are enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut glucoside and natural glycerin, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Enjoy the luxurious foam and rinse the day away while refreshing your skin and getting ready for the next summer adventures.
Step 4


Last but not least, give your skin a healthy glow with the Dry Body Oil. This lightweight, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs while providing intense hydration to your skin. The Dry Body Oil is enriched with nourishing ingredients like golden seaweed, sweet almond oil, and upcycled prickly pear oil, rich in vitamin A and E.

Apply the aftersun generously after showering or bathing. Your skin will feel silky smooth and look radiant, ready to shine in the summer sun.