Lip Balm with 100% natural ingredients

Often suffer from dry lips during the winter? We have the perfect solution! Our protective lip balm is the winner of the Dutch Beauty Awards 2021 ,where the lip balm was evaluated based on content, presentation, and innovation.

Lip balm

Soft, nourished lips

The lip balm is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish damaged lips while providing hydration. The combination of castor oil and almond oil deeply moisturizes dry and cracked lips, leaving them feeling healthy and delightfully soft.

100% natural ingredients

With our 100% natural and nourishing lip balm, you'll be ready for the cold days and activities like winter sports. Our lip balm does not contain any mineral oils, such as MOAH and MOSH.

The lip balm is easy to apply and quickly absorbs into the lips. Using the lip balm helps prevent damaged lips, making it a real must-have for this winter. With its subtle scent of eucalyptus and menthol, it's an essential item that should not be missing from your bag!