100% Natural Syrups

Need a surprising alternative to soda, beer, or wine? Then discover our natural cordials. Available in four surprising and mature flavors based on 100% natural ingredients. Adding original and classic spices such as nutmeg and pink pepper creates a layered taste sensation. The syrups are perfect to combine with our flat or sparkling mineral water but also ideal for mixing in mocktails or cocktails. Now that the cold months are behind us and the first rays of summer sunshine appear, a mocktail is a perfect drink. How do you make the most delicious mocktail at home with our syrup Rhubarb? Read on quickly to find out.


Matta Chiato

Fancy a thirst-quenching and fruity rhubarb mocktail? Then choose the Matta Chiato. A delicious mocktail specially developed for Marie in collaboration with Zoku. The Matta Chiato owes its sweet taste to the orange, with a fresh and surprising twist due to the mint and rhubarb.

You will need:

Marie-Stella-Maris bruiswater of bruisend kraanwater

Marie-Stella-Maris Rhubarb Cordial






Ice cubes


1. Cut a few slices of cucumber, point mint leaves, half a lime, and half an orange.

2. Bring this together with 200ml of water to boil for about a minute. Give it a good stir.

3. Fill a long drink glass with ice and pour the hot drink over it.

4. Add Marie-Stella-Maris sparkling water up to the rim.

5. As icing on the cake, add 20ml of Marie-Stella-Maris Rhubarb Cordial using a spoon.

6. Finish with a sprig of rosemary, a leaf of mint, and a wedge of lime. Et voilá: The Matte Chiato is born.

Are you feeling more like a cocktail? Replace the Marie-Stella-Maris sparkling water with Cava. Of course, a mix of both is also possible. Enjoy!