Natural Care

At its core, we are all about care - both for your skin and the environment. Discover how our natural body care essentials maximize your skin care with minimal environmental impact.

Good for skin, kind to water

Our hand, body and hair care essentials are carefully formulated with natural and effective ingredients. Formulations consist of at least 96% ingredients from natural sources and are also always vegan. These thoughtful formulations are designed to improve the health and resilience of your skin, as well as reduce our impact on the environment.

In fact, natural ingredients have higher biodegradability than systhetic alternatives. This means they can be easily broken down in the environment, which can reduce the impact on water resources.

This is why our body care essentials are always free of harmful substances such as parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, polluting microplastics and the sulfates SLS and SLES. This way, you not only take care of your skin, but also contribute to the preservation of clean waters and a healthy environment.


Whenever possible, we also use upcycled ingredients - these are residual products from another manufacturing process that would otherwise go to waste. Instead, they are reused and turned into valuable ingredients for our care products. Think of the upcycled prickly pear oil in our Dry Body Oil and upcycled calcite used as scrub granules in our Deep Salt Body Scrub. In this way, we reduce waste and give valuable materials a second chance.