Meet the artist: Mette Broekman

As part of Valentine's Day, artist Mette Broekman created an artwork, especially for Marie-Stella-Maris, on the theme of scent and love. We spoke with Mette Broekman about her work and how she came up with this abstract artwork.

Can you tell us who you are and how you started as a graphic designer?
As long as I can remember, I have always been creative. As a child, I was at a craft club, always making things. Later I went to art school. After a short period of working for an advertising agency, I started working for myself.

What typifies your work?
The use of analogue techniques mainly typifies my work. I always start manually, for example, with painting, screen printing or collage. Then I make a translation to digital so that a unique analogue design can be widely applied.

What inspired you to create this series "Smells Like True Love?"
I wanted to portray a neutral person through an abstract and minimalist portrait, love for all. The emphasis is on the nose and mouth, highlighting the concept of smell and love. The colours are based on all five fragrances of Marie-Stella-Maris to create a beautiful connection!

Which fragrance puts a smile on your face?
I am an absolute fan of the No.09 Lemon Notes fragrance! The fresh citrus notes remind me of sunshine and nice summer vacations.

If people are interested in your work, where can they find you?
My work can be seen on my website, and on my Instagram account

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