Global Handwashing Day

Happy Global Handwashing Day! This special day emphasizes the importance of washing hands to promote hygiene. Something so simple, yet so crucial. This straightforward action can have a significant impact. Washing hands has the power to save lives and make a world of difference in terms of our health.

Why is handwashing important? Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective and accessible ways to prevent diseases. This simple act can save lives, reduce diarrhea by nearly half, and decrease acute respiratory infections by almost a quarter. Additionally, handwashing also contributes to reducing the spread of diseases such as Ebola, COVID-19, and SARS. This simple action not only impacts health but can also have a positive impact on education and the economy.

Unfortunately, clean water and soap facilities are not accessible to many people. 2.3 billion people do not have a handwashing facility with water and soap at home, and nearly half of schools lack handwashing facilities, affecting approximately 802 million school-age children (Source: Unicef).

How your purchase contributes

Globally, access to clean water and soap remains limited. To promote hand hygiene, people need access to facilities that are easy to use.

With every product you purchase, you contribute to sustainable water projects. Through the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation, we work with non-proft organisations to make clean water accessible in areas where clean (drinking) water is limited.

One such collaboration is with Project Maji, a non-profit organisation that provides communities in Sub Saharan Africa with sustainable, effective solar-powered water solutions. These sustainable water installations make clean water accessible to these communities, promoting hygiene and health!