Meet the new fragrance No.07 Voyage Vétiver. With Voyage Vétiver, in addition to the five current fragrances, we introduce a sixth fragrance within the home and body care range. Voyage Vétiver is inspired by the aromatic Dutch coast and is a fresh and soft mineral fragrance that takes you on a journey along the different fragrance notes of Vetiver, sage and sea salt, among others.

No.07 Voyage Vétiver

Like a walk on the beach

Voyage Vétiver is a clean fragrance that transcends the familiar. She takes you on a journey along crystal clear citrus notes, through clary sage and sea salt, to the final destination, dry vetiver. Inspired by the aromatic coast with its salty sea breeze, Voyage Vétiver creates an extraordinary and addictive experience. Voyage Vétiver is a soft mineral fragrance that brings a sense of calm and freedom; like a relaxing walk on the beach. The fragrance brings you back to your pure state of being.

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We talked to Mieke van Engelen, Director of Business Development at Marie-Stella-Maris and responsible for all new product introductions.

Care products from No.07 Voyage Vétiver

Natural Hand & Body Care

Create a moment of calm during your beauty routine with cleansing and moisturizing care products in the addictive fresh-clean scent No.07 Voyage Vétiver. Like a relaxing walk on the beach; for a delightful start or end to each day. Available in a Body Wash, a Hand Soap and a luxurious Hand Gift Set, consisting of both Hand soap and Body Wash.

Home fragrances No.07 Voyage Vetiver

Luxe Home Fragrances

Our fragrance sticks and room spray are now available in the new scent No.07 Voyage Vetiver. For continuous or instant diffusion of the addictive fresh and mineral scent in your home. Our home fragrances also serve as beautiful styling items.

Want to read more about the development of new fragrances?