Scent is related to love

It has been known for centuries that scent is associated with love. Attraction and love are actually a matter of chemical processes in our brains. All smells are stored in a special smell memory located in the brain right next to emotional memory. Therefore, scents can evoke emotions such as familiarity, safety, and relaxation. Through pheromones - your unique scent molecules - combined with your signature scent, you can easily seduce your partner or make your loved ones smell even better. Love truly goes through the nose!

We had a conversation with fragrance psychologist Claudia de Vos about the relationship between scent and love.

Interview: Fragrance psychologist Claudia de Vos

About Fragrances and Love

"As a fragrance psychologist, I understand the importance of scent and the often unconscious role it plays in our lives. We can use scents to feel better, support us during difficult situations, enrich our experiences, and even make our love lives more enjoyable.

If you want to enrich your love life with scent, it's important to be aware of the preferences of your partner. However, to apply scent as effectively as possible, you need to take it a step further. To clarify this, I wrote the book 'Fragrance Psychology for Everyone.' It's a guide to scents, their backgrounds, and an aromatic compass to use the right scent at different moments."

"With scents that you apply yourself, you can play around. In this, there are several categories. There are essential oils and perfumes. Essential oils are natural aromatic substances derived from plants. They contain the entire, original components. In addition to their effect on the mind, they also have a physical effect. Diffusing scent through the use of a diffuser, for example, has become quite common; smelling is the safest application. When working with perfume or body care products, you are primarily playing with the mental, often conditioned, effects of these scents."

'Aphrodisiac fragrances'

"...When we think of 'aphrodisiac scents,' we almost immediately think of a scent to seduce someone else; a seductive perfume that makes you as attractive as possible to others. Aphrodisiacs have a great attraction to people.
They are named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Often, they are sultry and sweet scents with substances that have calming and relaxing effects. Sometimes they contain substances resembling hormones. If we look at one of the biological functions of (body) scents, such as attraction, we see that it is important to 'smell natural' yourself. Seduction scents, pheromones that aren't perceptible to the 'naked' nose, especially not to the unconscious mind, trigger reaction patterns related to finding a man or woman attractive. By enhancing these natural pheromones using natural substances found in the essential oil of plants, attraction increases. It is on this thought, among others, that our modern perfume industry is based..."

source: ‘Fragrance psychology for everyone’

Want to read more about fragrance? Visit the website of Claudia de Vos. Interested in learning more about different scents and their effects? The book "Fragrance Psychology for Everyone" is available for order through this link.

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