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5 tips for a more sustainable lifestyle

The new year offers a fresh start for good resolutions. For many, these are goals like exercising more, eating healthier or just joining Dry January: all conscious choices to improve your lifestyle. Let's also make conscious choices together that have a positive impact on the environment - not only better for yourself, but also for the world around you. Sustainability doesn't have to be complicated; it starts with small steps that together can make a big difference. In this blog, we share practical tips for embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

tip 1

Look for vintage pearls

Discover unique items in vintage shops or online platforms. Second-hand shopping is not only budget-friendly, but also a great way to find unique items. Whether it is clothes or furniture, second-hand purchases reduce the demand for new products and help reduce waste!

tip 2

Shop locally

Support your locals! By buying local, you reduce the transport distance of products, resulting in less CO2 emissions. Moreover, you support local entrepreneurs and create a stronger community.

tip 3

Care with Clean Beauty

Transform your skincare routine with clean beauty products. Our Body Care products are at least 96% formulated with ingredients of natural origin and are free of parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, (water)polluting microplastics and the polluting sulphates SLS and SLES. With clean beauty products, you keep your skin healthy and our waters clean!

tip 4

Reduce plastic

Small changes in your daily habits can lead to significant reductions in plastic waste! Therefore, say no to single-use plastic and use reusable shopping bags and water bottles, for example. Choose products with less packaging material and recycle whenever possible.

tip 5


Another way to reduce packaging waste is to choose refillable packaging and products, for example reusable bottles for water and coffee to-go. Or refill your Body & Home products with our sustainable refills or at the Refill Bar.

By refilling your products, you not only reduce your waste production, but also contribute to a cleaner planet. And it is also better for your wallet: at our Refill Bar you always refill with 35% discount, and on Wednesdays during Happy Hour at the Refill Bar even with 50% discount!