5 Tips for a spring-proof interior

It's springtime! We can once again enjoy long, sunny days and nature in full bloom. Of course, you also want to continue enjoying the springtime at home for as long as possible. With these five tips, you can update your interior with the fresh, vibrant characteristics of spring.

tip 1

Spring Cleaning

A fresh start for your interior begins with a deep clean. Clearing out clutter and freshening up your space brings clarity of mind and sets the stage for new inspirations. Feeling weighed down by excess belongings? Now is the ideal moment to evaluate which items are truly essential. If you foresee something being tucked away in a closet, consider parting ways: donate it, perhaps to a thrift store, or sell it through an online platform for secondhand goods. By doing so, you'll bring happiness to someone else!

Tip 2


During spring, we enjoy longer daylight hours. After a sunny day on the terrace or a relaxing walk on the beach, it's nice to continue enjoying the evening sun at home. With linen curtains, you let the light shine through a bit more in your house, creating a beautiful play of light in your interior. Linen is a soft and natural material, allowing you to bring nature indoors. Additionally, you can also incorporate linen into cushions or beautiful tea towels.

Tip 3

Fresh Scents

Introduce the spring season with fresh scents that mimic the blooming nature. Use our refreshing Roomspray in Lemon Notes with scent tones of lemon, bergamot, and vetiver, or the Roomspray in Objets d’Amsterdam with scent tones of green tea, citrus accords, and sage for your interior. Thanks to the stylish glass bottle, you can also display the room spray on a table or in an open bookcase.

These scents are also available as scented candles, perfect for enjoying the clear spring evenings, or as fragrance sticks for freshness throughout the day.

Tip 4


Refreshing your interior doesn't always require new items, especially in today's society where we strive to reduce overconsumption and consider our impact on the environment. Always check websites or markets for second-hand items: you can often find unique gems at a good price! A vintage lamp from the 70s or a marble side table could easily become your new centerpiece for this season.

Tip 5

Unique glassware

A trend for the upcoming season is glasses with a unique design. From a bumpy vase hand-blown to colored drinking glasses with a playful edge: your favorite thirst quenchers always look stylish. Are you looking for a delicious mocktail or cocktail recipe for your next garden party? Then check out our syrups in four unique flavors: Rhubarb, Ginger, Elderflower, and Cassis.