Hair care

How to care for your hair during cold days?

We already protect our skin and lips from cold temperatures regularly. We often forget that our hair can also use extra attention during seasonal changes. Did you know that protecting your hair from the cold is also essential? Harsh winds, rain, temperature changes and dry air from the heater can impact your hair's health. Extra nourishing hair care can't be a bad thing. With these five tips, you can protect your hair during cold days.

Tip 1: Postpone your wash

Beautiful and hydrated hair starts with a healthy scalp. Did you know that washing less is actually better for protecting your hair? Washing your hair more often increases the risk of oily hair and scalp irritations. Use the right hair care products to wash your hair, no more than twice a week. Our shampoo nourishes and moisturizes. The natural composition of plant and skin-identical ingredients gently cleanses and is soft on hair and scalp.

Tip 2: Get rid of that static hair!

Static hair: a major annoyance for many people. A dry environment amplifies static hair. This is the reason it affects you even more during the cold winter days. The warm temperature in the house, combined with the cold air outside, causes your hair to stand up. How do you solve this? Use a metal brush instead of a plastic one. Or use our nourishing and strengthening conditioner that repairs and protects hair from the inside out. A nourishing conditioner adds moisture to your hair. This makes your hair super soft and less likely to become static.

Tip 3: Don't shower too hot

During cold days, there is nothing nicer than a hot shower. As great as this feels, it's better to turn up the cold tap. A too hot shower is bad for the health of your scalp. Hot water damages the outer layer of your scalp and removes natural oils from your hair, leaving your skin dry and flaky. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and turn on the cold tap for the last minute; this will also give you a wonderful energy boost.

Tip 4: Avoid heat styling tools

Using heat styling tools in your hair can cause it to break off. Let your hair dry in the air. This way, your hair loses less moisture and dries out less. Avoid heat styling tools and try different hairstyles, such as braids or updos. This way, you will still get a natural curl in your hair.

Tip 5: Don't go outside with wet hair

Leaving the house with wet hair is not a great idea. Your hair is much more vulnerable when it's wet. Once you go out with wet hair, cold causes the water molecules in your hair to expand, which can cause your hair to break. Make sure your hair is naturally dried when you head out the door!