We believe in the importance of having routines – they provide stability – especially during hectic times. Allow yourself the space to integrate new rituals that give you calm—looking for inspiration to find patterns that fit your busy lifestyle? With our simple, clear tips, you boost your wellbeing with calming practices that can be seamlessly integrated into your life.

5 Tips for calming routines

1. Clear start of the day

Start your day calmly. Did you set the alarm or have time for a lie-in? It doesn’t matter. Open your eyes, stretch out and swing your legs to the side of the bed. Ensure you have a glass of fresh water on your bed stand. Drink a glass of water daily for an excellent start to your day. Water is a natural detox that washes toxins away. It’s also good for your skin and gives it a natural shine. Moreover, drinking water at room temperature is good for blood circulation and muscle relaxation. A glass of clear, fresh water ensures a clear start to your day – beneficial for your inner and outer health.

2. Refresh your body, refresh your mind

When your day has started, it’s time to take a refreshing shower. Try to take a cold shower. It’s energy-saving and a fantastic refresher for your skin because the cold water tightens it and gives you a fresh look. Cold showers even have a fat-burning effect and improve your general health. To get used to it gradually, you can set the tap to cold for 30 seconds under the shower. Make sure to keep your breathing calm and stay relaxed. It might be a struggle initially, but it’s worth it. Taking cold showers will give you the same feeling as a walk on the beach – that refreshed sense that sets you up for success for the rest of your day. Use our Body Wash Voyage Vétiver [link webshop], and you’ll smell as fresh as a sea breeze. By using tones of vetiver, sage and sea salt, you smell fresh, but you’ll feel as crisp as the sea. This refreshed feeling will enhance your inner calm.

3. Seek out nature

“Nature provides us with a wonderful opportunity to escape the daily rat race and to gather our thoughts to experience a clean mind”, says Nicola Dow, founder of Wildway, who organises nature trips. But you don’t have to travel to experience nature. You can make nature part of your daily routine. The more you integrate nature into your everyday life, the better it is for your wellbeing and physical condition. Walk to work or take your bicycle and take the extended route through the forest, along the meadows or seaside.No need to go to work today? Then that’s the perfect opportunity to visit the Dutch coastal shores.

According to the BlueHealth project (European research into the relationship between urban planning, health and climate), people who walk on the beach experience less stress and a heightened sense of happiness. Walking on the beach is challenging and versatile. The sunlight on the beach contains a lot of vitamin D, which is vital for healthy bone development. Seeing the repetitiveness of the waves is stress-reducing. Enjoy more long walks on the beach and experience all the effects of sea wind, loose sand, and the waves. Breathe it all in and enjoy how it stimulates your inner peace.

"With easygoing moments that seamlessly fit your lifestyle, you create routines that bring and keep you balanced. "

4. Focus on you and go offline at home

Your daily routines at home are too often influenced by life online. There’s always a message to read, a video to watch or an email to answer. Make it a new habit to create moments to be completely offline. Set your phone to silent or focus mode. You can even set a temporary lock on specific apps, so you can’t use them. Many gorgeous trays and boxes are made especially to put your phone away and out of sight. Unsure what to do now? In this blog [link blog], we share our tips for lovely, relaxing, but most of all, offline activities at home.

5. Scent at home

Our inspiration comes from everywhere, from music to art and nature. We got inspired during a walk along the beach at the Dutch seaside. We translated this into our newest scent, Voyage Vétiver. With Voyage Vétiver , we take you along a journey of salty sea breeze with tones of vetiver, sage and sea salt. If you, just like us, want to cherish that feeling of inner peace and calm after a walk on the beach, then Voyage Vétiver is perfect for you. You can clean your hands at home with our handwash [link webshop] after collecting seashells on the beach, and the smell brings you back to the beach. By connecting routines to a specific scent [link webshop], your mind will instantly relax when the smell reaches your nose.