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No.12 Objets d'Amsterdam

Our most iconic scent; clean, crisp and smart. Sparkling notes of bergamot and green tea provide freshness, where musk and amber offer welcoming warmth. Objets d'Amsterdam, just like our city of heritage, takes you on a no-nonsense, free-spirited journey.

No.10 Rock Roses

From bright and blooming to dark and hypnotic. Rose and jasmine invite you to the floral heart, while enticing cashmere and smoky leather offer a dark and intriguing contrast. Rock Roses is seduction in its purest form.

No.07 Voyage Vétiver

The bright fragrance takes you on a journey from crystal-clear citrus notes, through sage and sea salt, to the ultimate destination of dry vetiver. Inspired by the aromatic coast with its salty sea breeze.

''Achieving the right balance and sequence of fragrance notes is essential to creating a harmonious and long-lasting fragrance experience.''

Douglas Morel, perfumer for marie-stella-maris

The development of unique scents

Our collection includes a range of exclusive fragrances, developed in collaboration with leading perfumers. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with our perfumer about his inspiring journey into the world of scents, the connection between scent and emotion, and the development of fragrances using the olfactory scent pyramid.

Read the full interview with our perfumer Douglas Morel.