"1 in 4 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water."

world water day

Tuesday, March 22, was World Water Day 2022. Every year on this day, the United Nations draws extra attention to world water issues. We believe that everyone worldwide has the right to clean (drinking) water. Clean drinking water and good hygiene within reach ensure better health. Moreover, children can spend more time at school, and women can engage in income-generating activities. In short, clean water changes lives. That is why we donate a fixed amount to sustainable water projects for every product (water, body, or home) you buy.

"1 in 3 people worldwide cannot wash their hands at home."

Social impact

your purchase matters

This month we look back at the past ten years, a period in which we were able to contribute €1.8 million thanks to our partners and customers. And with which we can provide 70,000+ people with clean water. Without our customers, big and small, we could not have realized this social impact. So this month, we toast them and maybe you; "Cheers, and on to the 1,000,000 people!"