Our products:

All Marie-Stella-Maris products are developed with great attention and love. With carefully chosen contrasting fragrance notes, they create surprising yet balanced and layered luxury fragrances, each with a unique character, from fresh and sparkling, warm and woody to floral and gourmand.

All body products are free of (water) polluting microplastics, SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones and petrochemical ingredients. Not only better for the skin but also the environment! All products are also produced in the Netherlands and are 100% vegan. The new iconic glass packaging is refillable glass bottles made in Europe and are 30% lighter in weight. This saves material and reduces the brand's CO2 emissions.


Discover our natural Hand Care. From luxurious hand soap to caring lotion. Hand Soap and Hand Lotion is available in five special scents. Choose the refill pouch to reduce your impact on the environment.

Body care

Discover our natural Body Care products. For moisturized, soft and cared-for skin. Deluxe packaging with refill options and a choice of five exceptional fragrances.

Home perfumes

We might not be able to see or touch scent, but it plays big part in making us feel happy, safe and secure. Discover our luxurious home fragrances and create a unique scent experience at home. Available in a variety of exciting and original fragrances to match your mood. Subtle and refreshing, but also warm and distinctive: our home products make every house your home, wherever you are. Our scented candles are made of 100% natural wax.

Natural Cordials

Special and mature cordials, made with 100% natural ingredients. The cordials is locally produced and developed as a more sustainable alternative to soft drinks, which often consist of 90% water. The 0.5 L bottle is good for about 25 glasses of lemonade. For a regular soft drink, you need at least three bottles and thus packaging. So by drinking cordials at home, it becomes easier to reduce packaging waste!

Natural mineral water

Drinking water hydrates the body from the inside. The balanced composition of the minerals, in both the still and sparkling variant, makes our mineral water suitable with every tasteful meal or just as a refreshment at any time any day. Furthermore, the classic-modern design of the glass water bottle provides a finishing touch to any table setting.