On our way to the perfect sun care

Improvements to our mineral sun protection

At Marie-Stella-Maris, we strive to create natural skincare products of the highest quality, offering a luxurious and pleasant user experience. We are currently working on improving the formulation of our SPF sun care products. While our sunscreens are completely safe and always tested by reputable external institutes, we are not entirely satisfied with the user experience.

Therefore, we are going to reformulate our sun care products to enhance spreadability and reducing the chance of a light, white cast that can sometimes occur after applying a mineral zinc oxide-based sunscreen.

What is a mineral sunscreen based on zinc oxide? 

A mineral sunscreen based on zinc oxide is a natural product that protects by forming a protective layer on the skin. We have chosen this formula as it is not only gentle on the skin but also on ocean life. However, as it is a natural mineral product, it can create a light white cast on the skin. We aim to improve this experience, and we are actively working on it.


UV filters are often categorized into two different types: mineral and chemical. What is the difference?

Mineral filters are derived from natural ingredients, such as zinc oxide, and create a layer on the skin, providing immediate protection. A chemical filter is created in a laboratory. These UV filters penetrate the skin and provide protection once a chemical reaction occurs. Therefore, it usually takes 20-30 minutes for such a UV filter to protect you.

We believe in using non-nano zinc oxide as the base for our UV filter, along with safe, effective ingredients that are beneficial for both the skin and the environment.

As we are in the process of reformulating our sun care products and do not want to waste our current inventory, we are now offering our current sunscreens at a 50% discount. If you are using our SPF products, we recommend shaking the tube well before use to ensure optimal balance of the cream and to minimize the white cast. We appreciate your understanding as we work on improving our sun care products!