Social impact

In addition to our positive social impact (the contribution to access to clean water and hygiene), as a company, we also have an impact on the environment. We are aware of this and take responsibility for improving our environmental impact. In the last few years, we have done this by bringing the production of our care products from Sweden to the Netherlands (local sourcing / less transport distance). We said goodbye to amenities (small packaging in the hotel market) and developed a refillable water bottle, and of course, by creating refillable packaging for our soaps, so that together with the user, we can reduce our (plastic) waste.
Refill bars

Preventing waste is something we do together

Another essential step for us in sustainability is the Refill Bar in our stores. A central location where anyone can refill their empty bottle of soap from a large packaging to reduce the amount of packaging material - and therefore waste. Reducing packaging waste and stimulating reuse by, among other things, offering refill options is an essential pillar within our sustainability policy. But how does the Refill Bar work exactly? It is straightforward. The moment your bottle of soap (or one of the products on the menu below) runs out. Take your empty bottle to one of our stores in Amsterdam. There you choose a refill and speak to one of our staff to help you. While the bottle is being refilled for you, you can hydrate yourself with a glass of (tap) water. We clean up the bottle after the refill, checkout - and you're done! Besides the fact that refilling is better for the environment, it is also suitable for your wallet. We want to switch from buying a new bottle to refilling attractive and accessible. That's why you pay 35% less for a refill in the store compared to the price of a new bottle! Have you already started refilling? If you have any other ideas or feedback for us on how we can do things better, please let us know at: info@marie-stella-maris.com