Make this Festive season extra special and try our Merry-Stella-Mocktail. The combination of ginger, star anise and cinnamon makes this the perfect winter aperitif for Christmas dinner that everyone can enjoy!

What you need:

Marie-Stella-Maris Ginger Cordial

Marie-Stella-Maris sparkling water or sparkling tap water

Star anise

Cinnamon stick

Medium hand orange

5 ml pasteurized egg white

Ice cubes


1. Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes.

2.Squeeze 1 medium-hand orange and add a dash to the glass. Keep a slice of orange.

3. Add the Ginger Cordial combined with the sparkling water to taste and give it a big stir.

4.Beat the egg whites and add them as the final layer.

5. Place the cinnamon stick along with the star anise on top and garnish the glass with a slice of orange

6. Enjoy!

More in the mood for a cocktail?
Replace the Marie-Stella-Maris sparkling water with Cava. A mix of both is, of course, also possible.