Natural Body Scrub & Body Cream

During the summer, our daily body care routine is scrutinized. Bare arms and legs, finally sunlight on our skin again. The sun gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D but also demands attention to sufficient hydration. Radiant, healthy skin starts with body care that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Natural, effective ingredients are the starting point here for long-lasting hydration. Our new, natural, two-step clean routine consists of exfoliating body scrub and nourishing body cream, both suitable for all skin types. Both the scrub and the cream contain as few unnecessary ingredients as possible, 97% of which are of natural origin, naturally free of microplastics, and 100% vegan. Both products are refillable.
Natural skin care

Exfoliating body scrub

Start your grooming routine with our exfoliating body scrub. A rich formula with natural scrub particles from the apricot kernel and nourishing sunflower oil. The nourishing scrub removes dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, and promotes skin renewal for supple and youthful skin. If you use the scrub, your care products are better absorbed, and the skin is radiant. Win-win!
Velvety texture

Voedende body cream

Continue or enrich your routine with our nourishing body cream. Adding shea butter and sweet almond oil makes the skin intensively moisturized and cared. The body cream is quickly absorbed, does not stick, and helps care for dry areas. The result is supple and slightly shiny skin! Thanks to the full, velvety texture, the cream is easy to apply and ideal for daily use.