Refill and save

Join the Refillution!

Start the year sustainably with refills! By refilling your body and home products, you save on waste and CO2 emissions, thereby reducing your environmental impact. Refilling is also budget-smart: the cost of refilling is lower than purchasing a new product. Our products are designed for endless refilling with our refill pouches or at the Refill Bar in our stores! Discover the benefits of refilling now!

An eco-conscious choice

Small changes can have a big impact. An easy, yet effective way to contribute to a greener planet is by switching to refilling products instead of purchasing new ones.

Our Body & Home products are designed to be refilled endlessly, and therefore reducing waste and CO2 emissions. Our refill pouches are fully recyclable. Our refillable glass bottles are 30% lighter in weight and are produced in Europe.

By being mindful of our use of materials, we collectively reduce our impact on the environment.

A budget-smart choice

For instance, if you refill your Body Wash using a Refill Pouch, you save 18% more compared to buying a new body wash. Therefore, a refill is not only better for the environment, but also more cost-effective.

Stores & Refill Stations

Refill at the Refill Bar

Did you know that you can always refill your products with a 35% discount at the Refill Bar in our stores? During the Happy Hour at the Refill Bar on Wednesdays between 13:00 - 18:00, you can even refill at 50% off the original price! Stop by our Stores & Refill Stations and have your products refilled by our care advisors.