The new sustainable shower sensation

Tap Water. Make Magic.

Discover the new Foaming Body Wash with concentrates. Create a magically rich foaming shower experience by adding tap water to the sustainable design bottle together with our concentrate, available in four iconic fragrances. The 100% vegan and natural formula is enriched with aloe vera and biolipids for soft and hydrated skin.
Sustainable design bottle

Endless Refill

The Foaming Body Wash bottle is made from durable glass and includes a silicon sleeve for protection. The design bottle can be refilled endlessly with tap water and our concentrates. With the introduction of the Body Wash concentrates, no unnecessary water is transported, which ensures low CO2 emissions during production and transport. Refilling the bottle with concentrates means 40% less weight is transported and packaging waste is reduced.
Enriched with biolipids and aloe vera

Nourishing Body Wash

Pamper the skin with the 100% vegan formula that turns your daily routine into a wonderful moment of relaxation. The rich foam is formulated with aloe vera and biolipids, leaving the skin hydrated, nourished and soft.
A moment for relaxation

Iconic Fragrances

Create a luxurious shower sensation that stimulates the senses. From a crisp refreshment with sparkling citrus accords to a seductive fragrance experience with bergamot and roses: the Body Wash Concentrates are available in the four iconic scents:

  • No.07 Voyage Vétiver
  • No.10 Rock Roses
  • No.12 Objets d'Amsterdam and
  • No.14 Courage des Bois