"Access to clean water and hygiene
for everyone, everywhere"

Man with water on him

James, 16 years, Uganda 2014 © Linelle Deunk



With the establishment of the Marie-Stella-Maris company, the foundation with the same name was created. Through this foundation, sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects are independently selected. In this way, we ensure that the contribution of all the Marie-Stella-Maris products you buy benefit the right projects.

By carefully selecting the projects and then closely following them during and after realisation, we strive to ensure that each project makes a structural contribution. In this process, we work closely with our partner Aqua for All. Aqua for All is a non-profit organisation founded by the Dutch water sector and is known for its expertise in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene-related challenges.


Since 2011, we have been able to support 14 water projects in different countries, including Uganda, Mozambique, Bangladesh and Tanzania. As a result, thousands of people have already gained sustainable access to clean water. Improving water, sanitation and hygiene work together to improve overall health. Access to sanitation, such as simple latrines in communities, prevents contamination of drinking water by human waste and reduces infections. Besides the value of lives saved, there are other benefits of access to clean water. Such as increased economic productivity, more time for education and savings in doctor's fees.

Read more about our projects:

Madarbunia, Bangladesh 2014 © Ernst Coppejans

Robin De Puy Mozambique

Photo L: Bilibiza, Mozambique © Robin de Puy

Recent Projects


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that hygiene and adequate access to clean water are essential in preventing and controlling disease. Hand hygiene saves lives. According to the World Health Organisation, washing hands is one of the most effective measures to stop the spread of pathogens and infections, and thus prevent, for example, the COVID-19 virus. Yet billions of people still lack safe water and sanitation facilities, and funding is inadequate.

In eastern Zambia, we have fortunately been able to contribute to a regional Covid-19 response. With the expertise of the Jacana Smart Centre (and with the Provincial Ministry of Health), affordable water facilities have been built. And the remaining health centres without adequate water facilities are now all equipped with proper hand washing facilities.


Would you like to make an immediate contribution and help more people gain access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene? You can! Place an order in our webshop for yourself (or someone else) and make an impact.

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