Project Soapbottle


“Packaging made from soap”

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Project Soapbottle


We know that as a company producing products, we have an impact on the environment. And although, we are aware of this and have taken several steps to reduce it (developing refill solutions, sourcing more locally e.g.) we are not there yet. Could there be a more sustainable way for packaging our soaps?

Yes! Recently, we discovered SOAPBOTTLE, a multiple awarded concept by Jonna Breitenhuber. And we decided to join forces to develop the concept SOAPBOTTLE into a real product for all considerate enjoyers!

SOAPBOTTLE is packaging made from soap. As the content within is being used, the soap packaging very gradually dissolves. When finished, remnants can be used again as hand soap, or can be processed into detergents. The soap should be biodegradable made with natural ingredients, so waste can be completely avoided.
Project Soapbottle


So far, SOAPBOTTLE is still a concept and we have just started our exciting journey to move from concept to product…

“I am very happy to work with Marie-Stella-Maris because I can completely identify myself with the values and goals of the brand. The combination of a sustainable philosophy and feel-good products with a modern, timeless design is something I also intended to create with SOAPBOTTLE. And of course, I fully support their vision that everyone in the world should have access to clean water. The fact that project SOAPBOTTLE will also support clean water and hygiene projects in the future is great.

Jonna Breitenhuber
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Bio Jonna Breitenhuber
Jonna Breitenhuber (1992) is a product- and process designer based in Berlin. After graduating from high school, she attended a pre-study in art and design at Werkbund Werkstatt Nuremberg. She continued to study industrial design at OTH Regensburg and completed her master‘s degree in product design at University of Arts Berlin in 2019.

During her final thesis the concept SOAPBOTTLE was developed: through her work as a packaging designer for cosmetic products, Jonna first became aware that there are hardly any plastic-free packaging for liquid personal care products. Therefore, she wanted to work on this problem in her master project. She was inspired by the food industry, which already has a few examples where the product itself becomes packaging. In case of the ice cream wafer for example, the “wrapper” can even be used completely. Jonna was wondering if she could transfer this concept to hygiene products. Therefore, she started experimenting with soap.

For the project SOAPBOTTLE Jonna won the “Green Concept Award 2019“ and “German Federal Award Ecodesign – Young Talent 2019” and is nominated for the “German Sustainability Award 2021”.
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