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"Clean water and hygiene for all".

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Marie-Stella-Maris was founded in 2011, inspired by the human right to clean water and sanitation. Today addressed by the United Nations as Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: `Clean drinking water and sanitation for all'.

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and sanitation. Water is not only essential for health, but also for poverty reduction, food security, education and human rights. Access to clean water leads to more time for school and work and thus to higher economic productivity and income.

For every product you purchase, we donate 5% of our turnover to sustainable water and hygiene projects. Ever since starting in 2011, we have been able to contribute over €1.400.000. As a result, thousands of people have already gained access to clean water. But we are not there yet, we will continue until clean water is accessible for everyone, everywhere. Read more about our purpose and foundation here.


We offer natural mineral water, natural body care and luxurious home care. We create premium essentials for taking good care of yourself from the in- and outside. Self-care encourages maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. So you can be there for others too.

"Premium essentials designed to take
care of yourself, and others.

Healthy and refreshing


Water is the healthy thirst quencher. We offer a diverse range of products for different occasions. We started with bottled water and are constantly moving our offer to more sustainable water solutions, such as our cardboard water pack and a refillable water bottle. Developing more sustainable tap water systems for the hospitality and business markets is high on our priority list. Read more
Our water is mainly available through wholesalers, hospitality and a select number of (online) retailers such as Marqt, Ekoplaza and www.crisp.nl. The refillable water bottle is available in our webshop and shop in Amsterdam.
We take responsibility


Our body care products hydrate and protect your skin. We use natural ingredients as much as possible and off course we do not test our care products on animals. Whilst keeping the body hydrated and groomed, the products should also provide a sensory rich experience with their scent and texture. For our body and home range we put utmost effort into developing unisex fragrances that will lift your mood and create an atmosphere you feel comfortable in. Our fragrances are timeless yet modern, classic yet unexpected. From fresh and sparkling, warm and woody to floral and gourmand, discover our scent range to find your perfect match.
Our body and home products are available in our webshop, luxury department stores such as de Bijenkorf, and niche beauty shops such as Skins Cosmetics (NL) and Senteur d'Ailleurs (BE).


In addition to our positive social impact on water and hygiene, we also have a negative impact on the environment. We are aware of this and have taken several steps to reduce it (e.g. developing more refill solutions, developing bio-based (sugarcane) bottles, sourcing more locally etc.), but we are not there yet. We continue to improve on sustainability and share our developments and challenges on our blog. Our main focus now is on 'refill' as our strategy to reduce waste in the hotel market and at home.

Let's work together to reduce our impact on the environment by refilling and reusing products as much as possible. And to recycle suitable waste as much as possible by throwing it away in the appropriate bins. Together we can make a difference!
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