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1.8 Million donated | Clean water & hygiene for 70,000+ people

"Enjoy the delights of the world responsibly while caring for others".

Premium essentials for body & home


We offer natural body care, luxurious home care and mineral water. We create rich/premium essentials for taking good care of yourself from the in- and outside. For body and home we put utmost effort into developing unisex fragrances that that will lift your mood and create an atmosphere you feel comfortable in. Discover our fragrance range from fresh and sparkling, warm and woody to floral and gourmand.

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Lemon Notes

"If you cannot reduce, then reuse".

Responsibility for the environment


We use natural ingredients as much as possible, up to 100%. All care products are free of parabens, silicones and artificial colourings. Besides sourcing our ingredients responsibly, we strive for sustainable packaging and the ability to refill all our products. Our focus is now mainly on refilling, as a strategy to reduce waste.
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Social purpose


We believe that everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and hygiene. That's why at Marie-Stella-Maris, with every product you buy, you do your bit. How?

With every product you buy, you contribute. We structurally donate part of our sales to sustainable water projects. Together, we have been able to contribute more than €1,800,000 since 2011. As a result, thousands of people have gained access to clean water, but we are not there yet. We will continue until clean water is accessible for everyone, worldwide.

Contribute to water projects by:
Healthy and refreshing


We offer a range of natural mineral water for the catering industry, at home or on the road. Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water is not only a healthy thirst-quencher, but also contributes to clean water and hygiene projects for people without access to clean and safe water.

Read more about our philosophy, assortment and availability.
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"€1,800,000+ donated to clean water projects"

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