Natural Sirop 0,5l


A special and mature syrup, made with 100% natural ingredients. An iconic taste turned completely upside down. This syrup has the fruity blackcurrant in the leading role with smoky oak as background. Dark, mysterious and seductive, the flavour is made even more exciting by the spicy seed of paradise. A challenging syrup for the special occasion.

The syrup is locally produced and developed as a more sustainable alternative to soft drinks, which often consist of 90% water. The 0.5 L bottle is good for about 25 glasses of lemonade. For a regular soft drink, you need at least three bottles and thus packaging. So by drinking syrup at home, you can easily reduce your packaging waste!

Flavour Cassis

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Geurtonen + ingrediënten

Voedingswaarde per 100 ml bereid product Energie 177 kJ / 42 kcal Vetten 0g waarvan verzadigd 0g Koolhydraten 10,4g waarvan suikers 10,1g Eiwitten 0g Zout <0,01g

Ingrediënten: suiker, water, appelsap uit concentraat (10%)*, kweepeersap uit concentraat (5%)*, appelsap (2%)*, vlierbloesem-en nootmuskaatextract, voedingszuur (citroenzuur en wijnsteenzuur), natuurlijk aroma.*) Berekend op het bereide product


Schudden voor gebruik. Dosering 1:9 (20 ml siroop aanlengen met 180 ml water) Na openen beperkt houdbaar in de koelkast.